Mustaches for Kids – Baltimore


Fine-Tuning Your Giving Page

The “Giving Page” is the lifeblood of Mustaches for Kids, the essence of charity, the foundation for all that is right and holy in the universe.  Basically, it’s the way your ‘stache helps the kids.

If you haven’t yet created your page, click here to get started.  Select “Mustaches for Kids”.  Then select the box that says “I am here to support classrooms in need”.  Enter your contact information, and continue.

Part 1 – Your Information
– Make sure your REAL NAME is in your title of your giving page!  Although you might know yourself as “The Face Caterpillar”, no one else does.  “Joe ‘Face Caterpillar’ Smith” is a much more effective title.
– A message to your friends, family and co-workers is auto-populated. If you have time to create your own personalized message, we highly encourage it!
– Make sure you join Baltimore in the “Join a Giving Group” menu!

Part 2 – Your Photo
– “Add” to add a picture of you, with or without a ‘stache! It will help.  Update it as the month goes on!

Part 3 – Your Projects
– You can auto-populate your page with projects from Maryland.  But to really bring the bacon back to your community, take a few minutes to hand-select projects near you.  There are PLENTY to choose from and they need your help!

Part 4 – Your Facebook
– We highly, HIGHLY recommend connecting to Facebook.  That way, every time a friend/family member donates to your ‘stache page, you will shout them out on your Facebook wall.  It’s amazingly effective.

Where to send donors?
– DO NOT send your donors to the homepage. It’s a big site, and they’ll have a hard time finding you and your grower profile.  Give them the URL for your specific donation page.

Vanity URLs
– DonorsChoose allows you to create a “vanity URL” which can be short and easy to remember.  Instead of having a long URL like:, set up something simple  This is the link you should use every time you ask people to donate for your Mustache!