Top Installous Alternatives

Installous Alternatives To Download Free Apps

Cydia is something similar to an App Store of applications that you won’t find in the real Apple App store. Cydia allowed you to install one of the most famous applications in the Jailbreak universe and that was one of the main reasons why people decided to perform the Jailbreak on their Apple device because it allowed them to install applications that paid for free like vshare. Unfortunately, this application was removed from Cydia and many were users who threw their hair thinking that the only solution to enjoy some of the most expensive apps was the legal way to do it, that is to say, paid.

Top Installous Alternatives

Installous Alternatives To Download Free Apps


The heaven iPhone store is very up to date. In the latest version, they have become a web-app and IPA files are installed from Safari from the address
Like the iPAStore application, this application is very basic but effective, remember the beginnings of installous. It even maintains one of the functions that installous had at the beginning, that which allowed us to put as the home page the one we want. This came very well to not depend solely on Apptrackr and for that reason, this web page was designed that gave us access to the main sites where we could download IPAs.

The application, like its website, has fairly updated applications. Also if we enter from a PC directly to your website we see that they also offer applications for Mac.

The good thing about HiPstore, if they do not change it as they did with installous, is that they keep the option of using the home page we want, so we will have an application that will be used for any website prepared for it.

HiPstore downloads the applications in the var / mobile / downloads folder so if we download an IPA using another different procedure, we can always place it on that route and install it from the application as we used to do with installous.


vShare is a software installer similar to Installous although in some ways we might consider it to be a much better application. Unlike Installous, in vShare it is not necessary to wait to start a download, it will not even be necessary to fill in those annoying hoods that sometimes seem completely indecipherable.


vShare, like its newly dead competition, organizes applications in different categories and its use is tremendously simple. So much so that we simply have to just look for an application and press the install button so that the process begins and in a matter of seconds (or minutes, it depends on the size of the application and the speed of the Internet connection that we have at that time ) The application will be installed on our iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.


It is possible to access the tool from any web browser and by accessing this way you will find a perfect copy of the web version of the Apple App Store. In it, you can browse the different apps and even download them directly to install them from a computer using an application such as iFile.


There is also an app of the service, something that is much more interesting since it will allow you to directly install the apps from your iOS device, without having to resort to a PC / Mac.


It is similar to vShare, in operation and even in installation. The disadvantages of this pirate store is that it is completely in Chinese, something that makes it very difficult to navigate through the application and with which it is almost impossible to deal with in order to change configuration parameters, see the download or installation options. It is not very difficult to use, but nothing in such a complex language to read.

Very updated and faster than vShare, without giving any problem.


iPASTORE application allows you to search, download and install applications from directly on your device.

iPastore is the natural substitute for apptrackr / installous. The web has a format very similar to apptrackr and the application too. There are hackulo crackers that are in this project. We can find ipastore in its own repo and many others.

The application allows you to:

  • Browse applications by categories. Featured applications, new applications, new updates.
  • Search applications.
  • Download applications (Background download only for 10 minutes.)
  • Installation queue so you can select one or more. is awesome.
  • Automatic lock off in application if the application is in the foreground. Automatically activate once your application is finished or goes deep. So you don’t have to worry about large downloads.

Best Vacation With These Travel Diaries For Android

Although I am in favour of living the moment and enjoying the here and now, thanks to technology we can enjoy a good day, an experience or a dream trip as many times as we want. A photograph, a note or a video can take us to that place we visited last month or year.


Today there are many ways to make this possible. Precisely we always carry a device that allows you to record audio messages, take notes in writing or by voice, take pictures and record videos. In addition, we have applications designed to share all that content or save it on our smartphone to recover it in style.

A great example is travel diaries, a tool that has existed for a lifetime but that thanks to digital can be enriched with audiovisual content generated by ourselves while we travel there or do an excursion. Here are some examples to create your own travel diary on Android.


Although it is designed to store any type of memory in the form of a personal diary, Journey can be used as a handy pocket travel diary to install on your Android, although it also has an iOS and Web version.

Journey allows you to include text notes, photographs and videos. For its part, the app will allow you to include complementary information such as the current weather or your location on the map based on the geolocation of your phone.

Then you can retrieve the information and memories saved through a timeline. And to avoid losing anything, Journey allows you to save data and content in Google Drive. In addition, you can share your Journey things on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.


Two for one. For the same price, you have a travel assistant and a travel diary with Traverous. On the one hand, you can record your trips by saving your position on the map, taking photos and videos, etc. In addition, you can manually mark the points you have visited on your route.

Traverous works whether or not you have an Internet connection. At the end of the trip, you can review the saved content and even dress it with music or include new material. Optionally, you can publish the content or keep it private . In this sense, Traverous allows to create a 3D map that shows your trip in a personalized way.

For the rest, with Traverous you can also export your memories and publish them on social networks or share them on WhatsApp with your friends and family.


Although one of its functions is to create printed photo albums, Journi is also very practical to organize your photos, videos and notes obtained from trips or trips in digital albums. In addition, it allows to include additional data such as the weather, etc.

Journi can be used to create private memories or share them, create albums alone or in groups and, to avoid losing anything, copy the content generated in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Polar Steps

Whether you are an experienced traveller or just want to leave the house to give you some air, Polarsteps makes it very easy for you to save information about your movements, as it allows you to trace on the map where you have moved and what places you have visited.

With the help of your smartphone’s GPS and with the data and photographs you provide, Polarsteps will create a traveller profile that you can retrieve in the future to remember or to plan new trips. And if you don’t want to worry at home, your friends and family will be able to follow your trip practically in real-time.

It doesn’t matter if you run out of the Internet. Polarsteps works offline and synchronizes information with its servers as soon as you recover connectivity.

How to Login to Router Details

Welcome to Admin Login Official Page. Here you’ll build direct Router Login to IP. you’ll additionally get complete Username and parole list for TP-Link, Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Asus, Belkin, and Billion Router and electronic equipment.

You might remember of body information processing addresses that are related to your web router. These IPs permit to switch the microcode of the router and build changes thereto either within the primary or advanced level. normally we have a tendency to use the 192.1 68.1.1 information processing for that purpose.

But with some routers, the information processing address is completely different. If you utilize routers created by Netopia, SparkLAN, Thomson, Billion, etc., your body information processing address is completely different. Notably, it’s 192-168-1-254.

In this article, you’ll learn what information processing address is, the way to quickly log in thereto and the way to troubleshoot your router if it ever becomes unresponsive. If you’re not positive if this can be the information processing address mint for your router, you’ll check the default IPs and their various login IDs within the drop-down list that you’ll notice below, therefore keep scrolling.

What Is The Utilization Of IP Address?

With the assistance of the information processing address, you’ll access the admin panel of your router and build changes within the microcode. you’ll modification stuff like local area network to wireless block, Wi-Fi multicast to unicast and additional. it’ll provide you with larger management over the affiliation that you simply are becoming, legally, with the permission of your ISP.

Rest assured that information processing Address will solely access on your personal network. It means no outsider will log into your network mistreatment your leaked credentials and build vital changes thereto. to try and do any of the changes that we have a tendency to mentioned on top of you would like to initial login. for each router, there’s a collection of default usernames and passwords. If you already apprehend yours, succeeding section is all concerning the way to login mistreatment them. If you are doing not apprehend your default login credentials, scroll all the way down to the list of router makers and their user IDs and passwords.

How To Login IP Address In Straightforward Steps

To log in to your router, you would like to follow these straightforward steps:

  • First, open information processing address within the address bar of your browser or just clicks on the “Access Router Panel” button given below. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this on your smartphone or your computer, as long because the device connects to an equivalent router’s network, it ought to work fine.
  • As presently as you hit enter you ought to see a login prompt asking you the user id and parole. Enter your default user id and default parole for your router. If you are doing not apprehend what they’re, attempt coming into the admin for each username and parole fields. It worked fine on my ADSL router. If you are doing not apprehend your user id and parole, or even you probably did not get the login prompt in the least, simply stay in place. it’d be as a result of you’re a router uses a distinct information processing then this text is supposed to handle. however don’t worry, there’s a part on however you’ll notice your router’s information processing simply once that, all the steps stay an equivalent.
  • After you enter your user id and parole you ought to greet with the homepage of your router’s microcode wherever you’ll modification necessary things like your username and therefore the default parole, and additionally advanced concepts, like the refresh rate of the DHCP consumer.

What To Do If You Forget The Username And Password?

This appears to happen to everybody once during a whereas, doesn’t it? we have a tendency to all tend to forget our usernames and passwords. therefore does one neutralise case you forget the default credentials of your router that you once knew? Follow the tactic given below of course! What does one suppose I’m here for, mate?

A simple answer is to reset your router’s microcode to mill defaults. That way, you’ll use the username and parole mentioned on the company’s web site, or within the user manual given to you with the router’s package. This technique works best once you have already tried to vary the default credentials once, so forgot what they were.

To reset your router to mill settings, you’ll get to notice the button gift on the device itself. it’ll be a tiny low pin-sized button that unit must push employing a strip or skinny clasp. Press and hold it for concerning eight to ten seconds, and your router ought to blink its LEDs and restart itself.

Now and you are attempting to log in, it’ll prompt you to sign in to the network initial. can|it’ll} take you to the ISP WHO will instruct you to line up the router before using it. similar to it went down the primary time you unemployed up the factor. this can be however you’d apprehend that the router has reset.

fitness apps

Fitness Apps To Download On Android

To lead a healthy life we ​​must have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. It is vital to go to the gym to keep our body in shape, but sometimes the stress of work or study takes time to go to that place.

fitness apps

There are applications and even games that encourage walking and running. But there are people who do not feel comfortable doing it and prefer to stay in the privacy of their home to exercise. Currently, there are many applications that are our personal coach and today we are going to give you a shortlist for you to take into account.


We could not start without the leader of the sector.

Runtastic is an ideal application for lovers of outdoor sports. Perfect for people who love running, cycling, walking, skating, swimming and more. It should be noted that it has a free version and pay, this time we will talk about the features that we will find in the free version. We will have a voice coach that tells us what we should do according to the exercises we want. In addition, we will have control of sneakers to record how many kilometres we travel and we can even place an annual limit. And for the days that we feel down, we can receive messages of motivation or support from friends we make on the platform.

7-minute training

For people who do not have time, there is an application that in just 7 minutes, trains your entire body. The workouts are of high intensity because the circuit lasts only 7 minutes. In that time we will have to perform 13 exercises, each of them lasts approximately 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in each exercise. The application has several sections, one original, one dedicated to strengthening the abdominals and one for the buttocks. A curious fact is that the last two sections will only be unlocked by watching a video or doing the original training for 5 days.

30 Day Sports Challenge

An application for people who want to set long-term goals, since the challenge will last 30 days to see a positive change in the body. What attracts the application is that we will have to overcome a challenge every 5 weeks. If we do it well, every day will increase the intensity of the exercises until we reach the goal that is a final challenge. The results or progress of the body will be reflected in the record that we place. We remember that the habit becomes routine and in this case, it is to improve the body. In addition, it will calculate the calories consumed, adapt the training according to our daily needs and the exercises are simple.

These are the 3 applications for any Android device that will help us keep the body healthy, toned and active. All are completely free, have excellent exercises, challenges, motivation and millions of users who have obtained good results.


How To Calibrate The Battery Of An Android Device

Batteries are fundamental pieces that mobile phones have, but over time they must be replaced by wear. In fact, there are applications to save the cycles or to improve the life of it.


There are very few people who know that the battery charge of our mobile phone is calculated by means of a series of algorithms that the mobile phone executes and that is based on the capacity of the battery, the charging time and the maximum point of the battery. In case some algorithm fails, we will find deviation in the calculations and therefore, we must calibrate the battery. We already tell you that it is not difficult to do it, but you have to pay close attention to the steps.

Before we start with the tutorial, we have to know why it is convenient to keep calibrated the battery of our mobile. Sometimes it can happen that the mobile device shows a battery level that does not correspond and therefore, the mobile suddenly turns off. It can also happen that the mobile phone guarantees that it is at more than 50% of battery power when it is not and it shuts down. Keeping our battery calibrated is not only beneficial for these occasions, but it is also healthy for the battery. Our recommendation is that from time to time you keep calibrated the battery of the mobile and do not trust the applications that promise to do it since they do not work.

Steps To Calibrate The Battery Of Your Android Device

The method that we will teach is general for the Android operating system since it can be applied to any brand of phone and battery. And ideally, we apply it every 3 or 4 months and, if we have external batteries, it is also good that we apply it. Now, let’s take the necessary steps to calibrate the mobile’s battery.

  • The first step is to connect the mobile or the battery to the external charger until it reaches 100%. Of course, we must be very sure that it has reached the full load.
  • Once the load is ready, we insert the battery into our cell phone or disconnect it from the charging source, in order to use the mobile phone until it is fully discharged. It should be noted that we must wait for the mobile to die and not turn it off when there is 1% or 2% left. One recommendation is that we use heavy games, observe multimedia content or use applications that quickly download the mobile battery.
  • We have to wait at least 4 hours with the phone discharged so that the battery releases the residual energy that may have been left of the last charge.
  • After the time elapses, we reconnect the phone to the charger or insert the battery. And we have to leave the phone until it reaches 100% load, as we did before.
  • By completing the steps correctly, the battery of our mobile must be calibrated. It is ready for you to use it without problems for 3 or 4 months until you calibrate it again.

It should be noted that it is impossible to prevent the battery from getting dislodged and, therefore, from time to time we must calibrate it. And remember that the worst for the battery are the increases in temperature, fast charges, wireless charges and excess load time.

social media sites

Other New Social Networks To Consider

A little more than a month ago we presented a list of new social networks that we can take into consideration, according to recent movements in this sector. But they are not the only social networks that have been dating in recent times, so we expanded the list with these other new generation social networks.

social media sites


It is a complete social network that tries to serve as an alternative to large technology platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Imgur and Patreon (an electronic payment system).

In this regard, OneWay with main feed publish status updates and follow the updates of other users who have been tracked. In addition, it also has a news section, videos, forums, groups, blogs, stories, collective financing campaigns and its own bank.

With regard to the latter, OneWay has its own virtual currency, Wampum, and will offer users units of this currency for their participation and permanence, which may be used in some functions of the social network itself, such as, for example, reactions of status updates.

Currently, it is available in open, without the need for invitations. The functions are available only in English.

This is another interesting option, available in beta and accessible by invitation, which has as its principles that users control the news they want to see and share, manage their relationships and organize their data.

It basically consists of a feed where users can share their news or updates, targeting specific segments at any time, be it professional contacts, personal contacts, specific groups, etc. It also allows you to deactivate comments in the publications.

When watching the news in your feeds, the same thing happens, you can filter the news relation according to the segments of the users according to their relationship, allowing you to see all the news up to those coming from segments specific.

Currently has almost two million users. Soon it will launch its affiliate program, premium features, and even native mobile applications. This means that free accounts will have ads, while premium accounts will not have ads and exclusive features will be offered. Users can also earn money under the affiliation system.

Finally, this option aspires to be the best decentralized social network in the world. It was at the end of last September when the open beta version was launched, allowing all those interested to take part in this new platform.

Although now its operation is very basic, one of the aspects to take into account is that it is developed with the privacy and security of the users’ communications in mind.

Users can choose to follow others and be chosen by others, such as Twitter, also having the discovery function and little else for the moment.

Later, it will have tools for importing the publications available on Facebook and Twitter, native mobile applications, blogging function, dark theme, storage of multimedia elements through the IPFS network, secret encrypted end-to-end chats, and plus.

Everything is exposed in your roadmap.


In addition to the three new social networks mentioned above, it should be pointed out that, just a few days ago, the Howdoo beta was opened, as we informed you at the time, although with some delay due to the problems encountered, which has led to its launch It will be delayed one day.

After the beta phase, users will be able to use their reserved names, starting Howdoo to start again from scratch. This means that what is done now in the beta phase will be eliminated once they become “live”, where it will be available along with all the active functions.