Top Installous Alternatives

Installous Alternatives To Download Free Apps

Cydia is something similar to an App Store of applications that you won’t find in the real Apple App store. Cydia allowed you to install one of the most famous applications in the Jailbreak universe and that was one of the main reasons why people decided to perform the Jailbreak on their Apple device because it allowed them to install applications that paid for free like vshare. Unfortunately, this application was removed from Cydia and many were users who threw their hair thinking that the only solution to enjoy some of the most expensive apps was the legal way to do it, that is to say, paid.

Top Installous Alternatives

Installous Alternatives To Download Free Apps


The heaven iPhone store is very up to date. In the latest version, they have become a web-app and IPA files are installed from Safari from the address
Like the iPAStore application, this application is very basic but effective, remember the beginnings of installous. It even maintains one of the functions that installous had at the beginning, that which allowed us to put as the home page the one we want. This came very well to not depend solely on Apptrackr and for that reason, this web page was designed that gave us access to the main sites where we could download IPAs.

The application, like its website, has fairly updated applications. Also if we enter from a PC directly to your website we see that they also offer applications for Mac.

The good thing about HiPstore, if they do not change it as they did with installous, is that they keep the option of using the home page we want, so we will have an application that will be used for any website prepared for it.

HiPstore downloads the applications in the var / mobile / downloads folder so if we download an IPA using another different procedure, we can always place it on that route and install it from the application as we used to do with installous.


vShare is a software installer similar to Installous although in some ways we might consider it to be a much better application. Unlike Installous, in vShare it is not necessary to wait to start a download, it will not even be necessary to fill in those annoying hoods that sometimes seem completely indecipherable.


vShare, like its newly dead competition, organizes applications in different categories and its use is tremendously simple. So much so that we simply have to just look for an application and press the install button so that the process begins and in a matter of seconds (or minutes, it depends on the size of the application and the speed of the Internet connection that we have at that time ) The application will be installed on our iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.


It is possible to access the tool from any web browser and by accessing this way you will find a perfect copy of the web version of the Apple App Store. In it, you can browse the different apps and even download them directly to install them from a computer using an application such as iFile.


There is also an app of the service, something that is much more interesting since it will allow you to directly install the apps from your iOS device, without having to resort to a PC / Mac.


It is similar to vShare, in operation and even in installation. The disadvantages of this pirate store is that it is completely in Chinese, something that makes it very difficult to navigate through the application and with which it is almost impossible to deal with in order to change configuration parameters, see the download or installation options. It is not very difficult to use, but nothing in such a complex language to read.

Very updated and faster than vShare, without giving any problem.


iPASTORE application allows you to search, download and install applications from directly on your device.

iPastore is the natural substitute for apptrackr / installous. The web has a format very similar to apptrackr and the application too. There are hackulo crackers that are in this project. We can find ipastore in its own repo and many others.

The application allows you to:

  • Browse applications by categories. Featured applications, new applications, new updates.
  • Search applications.
  • Download applications (Background download only for 10 minutes.)
  • Installation queue so you can select one or more. is awesome.
  • Automatic lock off in application if the application is in the foreground. Automatically activate once your application is finished or goes deep. So you don’t have to worry about large downloads.
fitness apps

Fitness Apps To Download On Android

To lead a healthy life we ​​must have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. It is vital to go to the gym to keep our body in shape, but sometimes the stress of work or study takes time to go to that place.

fitness apps

There are applications and even games that encourage walking and running. But there are people who do not feel comfortable doing it and prefer to stay in the privacy of their home to exercise. Currently, there are many applications that are our personal coach and today we are going to give you a shortlist for you to take into account.


We could not start without the leader of the sector.

Runtastic is an ideal application for lovers of outdoor sports. Perfect for people who love running, cycling, walking, skating, swimming and more. It should be noted that it has a free version and pay, this time we will talk about the features that we will find in the free version. We will have a voice coach that tells us what we should do according to the exercises we want. In addition, we will have control of sneakers to record how many kilometres we travel and we can even place an annual limit. And for the days that we feel down, we can receive messages of motivation or support from friends we make on the platform.

7-minute training

For people who do not have time, there is an application that in just 7 minutes, trains your entire body. The workouts are of high intensity because the circuit lasts only 7 minutes. In that time we will have to perform 13 exercises, each of them lasts approximately 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in each exercise. The application has several sections, one original, one dedicated to strengthening the abdominals and one for the buttocks. A curious fact is that the last two sections will only be unlocked by watching a video or doing the original training for 5 days.

30 Day Sports Challenge

An application for people who want to set long-term goals, since the challenge will last 30 days to see a positive change in the body. What attracts the application is that we will have to overcome a challenge every 5 weeks. If we do it well, every day will increase the intensity of the exercises until we reach the goal that is a final challenge. The results or progress of the body will be reflected in the record that we place. We remember that the habit becomes routine and in this case, it is to improve the body. In addition, it will calculate the calories consumed, adapt the training according to our daily needs and the exercises are simple.

These are the 3 applications for any Android device that will help us keep the body healthy, toned and active. All are completely free, have excellent exercises, challenges, motivation and millions of users who have obtained good results.