skills needed for job

Essential Job Skills For The Future Of Jobs

If you are looking for your first job, or are thinking of changing discipline or recycling, you will be interested in knowing the skills of the future. Linkedin has analyzed the requirements that employers publish in their job offers, and has created a list of the competencies that will ensure you a job.

skills needed for job

Skills can be divided into hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are those relating to a technical aspect, skills that can be learned, such as the use of any software. The soft skills are more intangible, such as teamwork and leadership.

The 5 key soft skills:
1. Creativity
2. Persuasion
3. Teamwork
4. Adaptability
5. Time management

It is true that the machines are supplying the human factor, but, unexpectedly, that is causing even more new posts to be built and programmed for said devices.

The World Economic Forum (FEM) has published a report on the future of work that concluded that human skills, such as initiative, originality and critical thinking, will be increasingly valued, as well as technological advances. The advance of artificial intelligence is making soft skills increasingly important since they are precisely the skills that robots cannot automate and imitate.

Although Linkedin has selected creativity, persuasion, teamwork, adaptability and time management as the most requested soft skills; The FEM believes that these skills will evolve very soon, and skills such as active learning and social influence will rise to the top positions.

Technological advances in automation and algorithms are eliminating many jobs that can already be performed by machines or software, however, hard skills, such as cloud computing or AI, are increasingly requested. In the coming years, this discipline is very likely to go even further and many jobs are offered for people trained in those fields.

The 5 key hard skills:
1. Cloud computing
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Logical reasoning
4. People management
5. User Experience Designer (UX)

Globalization 4.0 is making great strides, which means that employers need staff who can cover skills from different disciplines, which are a combination of hard and soft skills.

The FEM has presented in its report the inevitable need of employees to recycle over the years. Technological advances constantly change the skills required in jobs, training is no longer an option.

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