fitness apps

Fitness Apps To Download On Android

To lead a healthy life we ​​must have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. It is vital to go to the gym to keep our body in shape, but sometimes the stress of work or study takes time to go to that place.

fitness apps

There are applications and even games that encourage walking and running. But there are people who do not feel comfortable doing it and prefer to stay in the privacy of their home to exercise. Currently, there are many applications that are our personal coach and today we are going to give you a shortlist for you to take into account.


We could not start without the leader of the sector.

Runtastic is an ideal application for lovers of outdoor sports. Perfect for people who love running, cycling, walking, skating, swimming and more. It should be noted that it has a free version and pay, this time we will talk about the features that we will find in the free version. We will have a voice coach that tells us what we should do according to the exercises we want. In addition, we will have control of sneakers to record how many kilometres we travel and we can even place an annual limit. And for the days that we feel down, we can receive messages of motivation or support from friends we make on the platform.

7-minute training

For people who do not have time, there is an application that in just 7 minutes, trains your entire body. The workouts are of high intensity because the circuit lasts only 7 minutes. In that time we will have to perform 13 exercises, each of them lasts approximately 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in each exercise. The application has several sections, one original, one dedicated to strengthening the abdominals and one for the buttocks. A curious fact is that the last two sections will only be unlocked by watching a video or doing the original training for 5 days.

30 Day Sports Challenge

An application for people who want to set long-term goals, since the challenge will last 30 days to see a positive change in the body. What attracts the application is that we will have to overcome a challenge every 5 weeks. If we do it well, every day will increase the intensity of the exercises until we reach the goal that is a final challenge. The results or progress of the body will be reflected in the record that we place. We remember that the habit becomes routine and in this case, it is to improve the body. In addition, it will calculate the calories consumed, adapt the training according to our daily needs and the exercises are simple.

These are the 3 applications for any Android device that will help us keep the body healthy, toned and active. All are completely free, have excellent exercises, challenges, motivation and millions of users who have obtained good results.

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