Best Vacation With These Travel Diaries For Android

Although I am in favour of living the moment and enjoying the here and now, thanks to technology we can enjoy a good day, an experience or a dream trip as many times as we want. A photograph, a note or a video can take us to that place we visited last month or year.


Today there are many ways to make this possible. Precisely we always carry a device that allows you to record audio messages, take notes in writing or by voice, take pictures and record videos. In addition, we have applications designed to share all that content or save it on our smartphone to recover it in style.

A great example is travel diaries, a tool that has existed for a lifetime but that thanks to digital can be enriched with audiovisual content generated by ourselves while we travel there or do an excursion. Here are some examples to create your own travel diary on Android.


Although it is designed to store any type of memory in the form of a personal diary, Journey can be used as a handy pocket travel diary to install on your Android, although it also has an iOS and Web version.

Journey allows you to include text notes, photographs and videos. For its part, the app will allow you to include complementary information such as the current weather or your location on the map based on the geolocation of your phone.

Then you can retrieve the information and memories saved through a timeline. And to avoid losing anything, Journey allows you to save data and content in Google Drive. In addition, you can share your Journey things on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.


Two for one. For the same price, you have a travel assistant and a travel diary with Traverous. On the one hand, you can record your trips by saving your position on the map, taking photos and videos, etc. In addition, you can manually mark the points you have visited on your route.

Traverous works whether or not you have an Internet connection. At the end of the trip, you can review the saved content and even dress it with music or include new material. Optionally, you can publish the content or keep it private . In this sense, Traverous allows to create a 3D map that shows your trip in a personalized way.

For the rest, with Traverous you can also export your memories and publish them on social networks or share them on WhatsApp with your friends and family.


Although one of its functions is to create printed photo albums, Journi is also very practical to organize your photos, videos and notes obtained from trips or trips in digital albums. In addition, it allows to include additional data such as the weather, etc.

Journi can be used to create private memories or share them, create albums alone or in groups and, to avoid losing anything, copy the content generated in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Polar Steps

Whether you are an experienced traveller or just want to leave the house to give you some air, Polarsteps makes it very easy for you to save information about your movements, as it allows you to trace on the map where you have moved and what places you have visited.

With the help of your smartphone’s GPS and with the data and photographs you provide, Polarsteps will create a traveller profile that you can retrieve in the future to remember or to plan new trips. And if you don’t want to worry at home, your friends and family will be able to follow your trip practically in real-time.

It doesn’t matter if you run out of the Internet. Polarsteps works offline and synchronizes information with its servers as soon as you recover connectivity.

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